There are several ways to touch base with the web hosting company whose services you are using, but the one that you’ll always find no matter which company you opt for is a support ticket system. It’s the least complicated means of correspondence for different reasons. In the event that no support engineer is available at the moment and they’re all occupied, a telephone call may not be answered, but a ticket will always hit home. In addition, you can copy and paste large pieces of information without the need to worry about typing mistakes, and in case a certain issue requires more time to be resolved or a number of responses must be exchanged, all the information will be in the same place, so either party can always see the comments provided by the other one. The drawback of using tickets to get in touch with your web hosting provider is that they are typically separate from the hosting platform, which implies that if you need to supply information or to follow guidelines, you’ll need to use at least 2 separate interfaces and this number might increase in case you’d like to manage a number of domains. Besides, many hosting providers respond to tickets after several hours, or even once in every twenty four hours, and for you as a customer, this simply means wasted time whilst waiting around for a response.

Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Hosting

The ticketing system that we’re using for our cloud hosting is not separate from the hosting account. It is an integral part of our all-inclusive Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you will be able to visit it at any particular time with only a few clicks of the mouse, without needing to sign out of your web hosting account. The ticketing system features a quick-search field, so you can track down any ticket that you have already posted, in case you need it. Moreover, you can see knowledge base articles that are relevant to different problem categories, which you can pick, so you can find out how to tackle a specific issue before you actually post a ticket. The ticket response time is maximum sixty minutes, which suggests that you can obtain timely assistance whenever you need one and in case our technical support team suggests that you should do something in your hosting account, you can do it instantly without needing to sign out of the Control Panel.