UPSs and diesel generators are 2 backup systems which are kept by hosting service providers within their data centers in case there are interruptions in the main power supply or the current is shaky and unable to support the proper functioning of the servers based inside the facility. UPS is short for Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterruptible Power Source and it's an effective battery which works non-stop. It's connected to both the power network and the servers all of the time, so anytime the power stops, the UPS is already operational, which helps prevent the web servers from going down even for a second. The diesel generator is an engine that can provide you with the required power to keep the machines working for a longer period of time. If there is an outage, the UPS provides the necessary time for the diesel generator to start and then to take over until the main power supply is restored.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Cloud Hosting

If you get a cloud hosting solution from our company, you won't ever need to bother about potential electric power outages causing the loss of valuable information, even if you host extremely important websites on our servers. All of the servers which are part of our groundbreaking cluster platform use efficient UPSs which can keep them working for a long length of time - sufficient for a lot of diesel generators to start operating and take over. The latter are powerful enough to keep each of the three facilities completely functional for numerous hours and without any restrictions, so your sites shall continue to function properly and without any delays or restrictions. The power backup is amongst the components behind our 99.9% service uptime warranty.